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Kurokawa So

Kurokawa So

Kurokawa So

Kurokawa So -
Kurokawa So -


Manganji Minamioguni Machi
Aso Gun, JP

Description: Kurokawa So

Kurokawa So is located in peaceful countryside, which is along valley in Kurokawa Onsen. You can be relaxed seeing natural massive rock and beautiful landscape for all four seasons. Moreover, you can enjoy various open-air bath in Kurokawa Onsen by all means. Once you go into the entrance, a soaring lobby created an aura of Western taste welcomes you and light coming through the skylight on the ceiling and adequate lighting make relaxed atmosphere. We have original goods and local products in our gift shop. All is Japanese-style room in main building. You'll be relaxed in muted colors and lighting in purely Japanese style room and have dinner there. For breakfast, we serve in restaurant. Kurokawa Onsen is located in mountain area and has not good access. The best way is car. If you travel by plane, it's better to arrive at Fukuoka or Kumamoto airport and then take a rental car or bus. If you travel by train, get off at JR Aso, which is the nearest station, and take a bus or taxi. About 40 min ride from JR Aso.

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