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Kashouen / Ryokan
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Kashouen / Ryokan

Kashouen / Ryokan

Kashouen / Ryokan

Kashouen / Ryokan -


Kitsu 247 Amino Cho
Kyotango, JP

Description: Kashouen / Ryokan

The hotel is located in the hills of Kyoto prefecture facing the Sea of Japan. From spring to autumn, the full-course cuisine is our chef's specialty which is using the seafood from the Sea of Japan and abundant material from Tango peninsula. In winter you can enjoy Zuwai crab and seasonal dishes. This place was selected as one of the Japan best 100 Sunset locations. Due to the beauty of the sunset, it has particularly chosen to put the sunset into the name. Especially from May to September, even local people are still touched by this splendid scenery. Yuhigaura natural hot spring water is renowned for making women beautiful. The water feels smooth due to its high alkali content and is praised by those who love hot springs. You can view the garden from our lounge and enjoy the flower scents with a cup of our popular coffee in hand. Our excellent full-course cuisine is a creation of fresh seafood from the Sea of Japan and abundant mountain food from Tango peninsula cooked using the skills of our chef. All of the guest rooms have an ocean view. The Japanese-style room and twin bed rooms are luxurious and will satisfy all of our guests. By train: from Osaka Osaka station → (120 mins) JR Fukuchiyama line Toyooka station (130mins) Kita-kinki Tango rail Kizu hot spring station → (approx 1.5km 5mins, shuttle bus) Yuhigaura hot spring from Kyoto Kyoto station→ (70mins) Sanin line Fukuchiyama station→(30mins) Kita-kinki tango rail Amanohashidate → (40mins) Kita-kinki tango rail Kizu hot spring station → (approx 1.5km 5mins, shuttle bus) Yuhigaura hot spring. Nearby attraction Japanese three famous views: Amanohashidate, Kansai flower temple, Nyoi temple, Naki sand beach, Kotobiki beach, Tango village, etc.

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